The Roxborough Area Historical Society wants you!
Your mission: To help dig up “history in our own backyard.”

Roxborough residents Char Nauman and Flo Tonelli, who serve as president and vice president, respectively, say the historical society was established in 2007 by Roxborough Park resident Susie Trumble to bring together people who are interested in history, especially local history, but they insist “you do not need to be a history buff” to join the group.

Their goal is simply to “discover, investigate, research, collect and preserve records, materials, buildings or sites relative to the history and cultural resources of the Roxborough area,” according to the organization’s website, The group offers educational programs, seminars and field trips to generate interest in the history of our community.

They also raise funds for projects such as the “Save the Kiln” endeavor and accept donations to support group activities, all with the overriding goal of historic preservation.

“We want to see good things happen, says Shelly Stephens, who serves as secretary of the nonprofit, which meets at the Roxborough Community Center in Roxborough Park at 2 p.m. on the second Wednesday of each month. The group currently has about 40 members, along with 10 board members who attend the monthly business meetings, Stephens says, adding, “We are always looking for new blood.”

Stephens, who is officially retired yet still teaches in Arapahoe County schools, said the group is diverse and includes other teachers, business owners, an engineer, a writer and other professionals who want to share their expertise. “We have a presenter at our meetings. “Everyone has a passion. Each member brings a part of themselves to the group and that’s valuable.”

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to contribute $25 for an individual annual membership (or $30 for your entire family) and attend events to become informed about current and future projects designed to enhance interest in and education about the history of our community.